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Audiocassette 'Voice of Tradition' of classical music released by Swallow Music, Calcutta 

Compact disc of classical music by Saydisc, London 

Audiocassette 'Colours of Khayal' of classical music released by N A Classicals, Bombay 

Compact disc by released by Macara, Paris 

Audiocassette and CD on Kabir released by NA Classicals and BMG, Crescendo Bombay Vol. 1 and 2 

Audiocassette of songs of Sahajobai for Osho Ashram  , Audiocassette of songs of Meera by released by NA Classicals and Crescendo

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The tradition of Indian music 1
MAKCD026 - Duration : 172mn 30sec DDD - Double CD
16 Makar musicians perform raga bhairavi, the best way to discover Makar's incredible diversity of musicians.
Bhairavi is one of the ragas most often performed in the classical tradition of Hindustani music.
The Bhairavi mode, as well as the Bhairav mode, are not unknown in the West : they are often heard in music influenced by gypsy music : flamenco, arabo-andalusian music

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Neela Bhagwat is a familiar name for lovers of Hindustani music the world over. As a front-ranking exponent of the Gwalior style of singing, she has upheld the aesthetic principles of traditional music. As an innovative performer, she has combined the purity of raga with the folk idiom of medieval saint poets like Kabir, Shajo and Meera. These as well as her other innovations relating the traditional form to the contemporary concerns have brought her critical acclaim in  India as well as Europe.

The prized pupil of revered gurus like Pandit Sharaadchandra Arolkar and Pandit Jal Balaporia, she has performed on major concert platforms, cut CDs, released audio albums and performed over global television channels like Star Plus and Music Asia.